I came across this quote on Facebook the other day. Here it is…  “people are not tired of the gospel; they are tired of the tired way the gospel is presented.” WOW! Is there any truth to that statement? Maybe. I believe that individuals, or should I say churches, are not adequately preparing their members to effectively share the gospel.  Therefore, when there is a divine opportunity to do so, they fumble the presentation.

Let’s face it, the gospel need to be presented in a way that is meaningful and applicable to the hearers. There is a great divide that exists between believers and non-believers. So, the reality is that the church needs to reposition itself to make an impact for the Kingdom by creating a culture of evangelism among the congregation. The question is what are some of the changes that the church is making to create a culture of evangelism?  (Click the “share link below to share what you are doing).

Here are 5 steps in creating a culture of Evangelism in your church.

  1. Investigate:  Face the facts that are associated with your church and ministry. There are hard   questions that deserve to be answered.  Our human tendency is to bury our head in the sand and pray that things will change when we take it out. But, not so. That does not work. Ask these questions.
    1. What was evangelism like in 2013 for your church?
    2. How many souls came to Christ because of your efforts?
    3. What were the intentional strategies used? Successful or not?
    4. How involved were the congregation – just a few or at least 80 %?
  1. Incubate:  As the term implies, this is an incubating period where the Pastor and leadership team meet with a renewed vision for evangelism.  The vision and Mission must reflect an evangelism focused church with a plan. The leaders are the offensive line to carry the ball to the end zone.  Teach it to them first.  Allow them to own the renewed evangelism vision, set new goals, benchmarks, implement collaborated plans and end results. They in turn will influence the rest of the congregation to a culture of evangelism. Most importantly, pray together and pray specifically.
  1. Involve: Share the vision for effective evangelism with everyone. Create an evangelism campaign that trains leaders and future leaders to encourage, equip and empower the congregation in effective soul winning.
  1. Institute: Filter the plan through continuous training and implementing and programming. Church activities, services, departmental programs should be evangelism focused.  Develop a “vision score card” to see how well you are being true to your vision and revisit the plan as often as possible –  every 3 months or so.
  1. Intentional: Purposefully make evangelism as the identifier for the church. Your church must be known as the church that has not made the Great Commission optional. Your church must be known as a church that is being re-positioned for kingdom growth. Your church must be known as the church that is making a difference in purposefully winning souls for the Kingdom.  It is a wise thing to do. Proverbs 11:30. and he that winneth souls is wise.

For more info on creating an Evangelism culture for your church , visit:  http://empact.frosticsatellite.com/evangelism/